Let It Be Episode 20: Travel

Travel Let It Be

Brooke is fresh back from a month in Canada (and my God, the photos she shared on Facebook while she was there – stunning). Anyway, I missed her badly so it was great to be able to chat again and it seemed logical to talk about travel.

If there is one thing that simultaneously challenges and enhances my ability to ‘Let it Be’ it’s travel. I love routine, I love being ‘at home’ and really rely on the comforts of my daily routines to keep me feeling at ease with the world. But I also love how seeing other parts of the world opens my mind and exposes me to wonderful experiences. I also love the friendships I’ve made while travelling.

In this episode Brooke and I share how, despite coming at travel from very different directions, we ultimately have the same life goal – the ability to be location independent with our work and a desire to go to places that intrigue us and immerse ourselves in those places and cultures for extended periods of time.

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