Let It Be Episode 24: Confidence


I’ve long been obsessed with the topic of ‘confidence’. It’s something I’ve always had and I’d pegged that to my upbringing by parents who created an environment in which it was very safe to try things, and fail. But Brooke had a very similar upbringing to me, is an incredibly astute, articulate and accomplished person … yet doesn’t have the same confidence levels.

In this episode she really puts herself on the line and allows me to ask some very probing questions. Mostly I was interested to know:

  • What allows her to show up every single day and continue to put herself out there despite the horrid mean girl voice in her head telling her she’s a fraud.
  • Why she feels unable to take credit for helping people (when they reach out to tell her she’s done so).
  • Where she thinks the line between confidence and arrogance is.

I think this is such an important episode for anyone whose struggles with confidence are holding them back. The methods Brooke uses to just keep pushing on will, I think, be an inspiration for you. (<< God, she would kill me for writing that.)

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