Let It Be Episode 41 – Gratitude


I said to Brooke at the start of this episode that this was going to be a counselling session – and I was right.

Even though ‘people like me’ practise gratitude and get a lot out of it, I’ve always struggled with it. Mainly because it raises the issue of privilege which quickly leads to guilt which then leads to a very unhelpful dose of self-loathing (aka ‘How dare you be anything but grateful, you lead an incredibly privileged life.’) There’s actually a moment in this episode where my brain leaves Brooke speechless with just how much I overthink this topic.

Worth a listen just for that!

All that said, I do get somewhere useful in this podcast. I come to the realisation that I’ve always used gratitude as a ‘weapon’ against bad days rather than using it as a simple and effective mindfulness practice. Coming to that realisation has changed everything for me with regard to gratitude!

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