Let It Be Episode 42 – Guilt


Boy oh boy, do I tie myself up in knots in this episode.

One of our listeners Tanya asked:

“Have you considered discussing guilt at all? This is something I can often struggle with and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I understand there to be the following types of guilt: comparison, shoulds, deserving, and happiness. 

The guilt of comparison is pretty self-explanatory: a guilt caused by comparing your life to others.

The guilt of shoulds is where one is caught up with the idea of ‘I should be doing this …’. This quite often stems from the guilt of comparisons.

Then there is the guilt of deserving where someone feels that they are not worth receiving xyz.

Finally, the guilt of happiness which is the one I would be really interested in hearing your opinions on. This is where you feel guilty for being happy. You feel like ‘how can you be happy when this has happened, or how can you be happy when this is going on in the world?'”

Tanya – I’m with you on that guilt of happiness for sure! And Brooke has to spend a bit of time talking me off the ledge with that one!

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