Straight and Curly 94: Movements, People and Other Stuff You Should Be Following

Movements and People to follow

If Carly and I are going to jump on board a bandwagon or fangirl a movement or person, we have strict criteria.

We need them to be inclusive, realistic, responsible and non-dogmatic. By which we mean:

The average person can do it. i.e. There are no significant barriers to entry (which rules of most of the stuff Gwyneth Paltrow recommends on Goop).

The advice has been tested and researched and while it might not necessarily work for everyone, it definitely does no harm if you try it.

There’s an understanding that there are many ways to come at any given problem (i.e. We don’t like movements where those who spruik it like to think it’s the only thing and everything else sucks.)

With that in mind, we whizz through more than 20 (yes, 20!) things and people we’re totally on board with. I’ve done my best to link them all up below:


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