How I can help you

If you’ve landed here on my site, it’s probably because you’ve heard me interviewed on a podcast, read something I’ve written, or seen my name mentioned in an article about anything from writing to self-improvement, slow living to editing, business to design … and you think I can help you in some way. To which I say, ‘I hope I can!’

Editor and Ghostwriter

I love helping people bring their book babies into the world almost as much as I love creating my own.

If your book needs a developmental edit or a structural edit, I’m your gal.

If you’re self-publishing and want someone to hold your hand through the process right from idea conception to holding the finished product in your hand … I can do that too.

And if you’re someone who has big ideas that would spread like wildfire in book format, but you find speaking much easier than writing, this service is the one for you.


I write about self-improvement, productivity and simple living here on my blog.

I’ve written for online publications like Mamamia, Kidspot and and offline publications such as Marie Claire and Mindfood Magazine.

I’ve also written four books:

My fifth book, Overthinkers Anonymous, is currently slated for release at the end of 2018. You can join the Facebook group or jump on my email list to get advance notice about the book and sneak peeks.


In addition to being a writer, I’ve also been a graphic and web designer for over 15 years. I started Swish Design in 2006 and gratefully handed the whole ‘managing the business’ reins over to my husband in 2011. Being freed from operational duties allowed me to get back to doing what I loved most – designing. My favourites things to design are books and simple website projects. The rest of the Swish Design team takes care of more complex website design jobs, logos, branding and other graphic design projects.


I love speaking. Especially if the topics are:

  • Writing, editing and/or blogging
  • Small business
  • Productivity and self-improvement
  • Simple living

You can view my rates for speaking here.


As if all of the above wasn’t enough, I have two podcasts too.

I love podcasting.

It’s given me the chance to collaborate with two of my best online buddies:

  • Straight and Curly is a self-improvement podcast I do with Carly Jacobs from Smaggle.
  • Let It Be is all about less doing and more being, and Brooke McAlary from Slow Your Home is my co-host there. This show is currently on hiatus.