Straight and Curly Ep 34: Our 10 best time management hacks


Another episode that’s come via a question from the good folk in our Straight and Curly group on Facebook (come join, it’s free!).

Fiona asked for:

“Tips for managing all the different demands on my time with my goals – how do people with normal corporate jobs + a commute + two young children manage to balance things plus fit in time for exercise.”

Now, neither Carly nor I are in Fiona’s exact position right at this moment, but two years ago I was. I actually got to the end of that year and realised what I was trying to do (work full-time hours around a child at school while also running a household and trying to have a life/personal goals) was not possible. So I changed my work setup.

Not everyone is able to do this, however, so in today’s episode Carly and I share our favourite time-management hacks in the hope that at least a few of them might make a difference for Fiona, and others in her position (or those simply struggling to find the time for all the things they want to do).

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