Straight and Curly Ep 41: Introversion and Extroversion


The funniest thing about the Straight and Curly podcast is the fact that Carly and I thought we were really different people before we started recording any shows. As it turns out, we’re basically the same person and agree about most things. (I’m guessing the fact that we have listeners means we can still manage to have interesting conversations despite our similarities!)

One thing we do greatly differ on, however, is that Carly is very much an extrovert and I am a hardcore introvert. The members of our Straight and Curly group on Facebook really wanted us to explore the differences between the two so this episode is a departure from our usually highly structured format!

Instead, we discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of these elements of our personalities, how we deal with partners who are at the other end of the scale, and how our respective introversion/extroversion has helped and hindered us over the course of our lives.

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