Straight and Curly 63: Striving vs Life

Josie has a conundrum – after spending most of her life striving relentlessly, she’s come to a place where she’s … satisfied. And it’s kind of freaking her out. Josie asked:

  1. Do you think it’s important to have goals in life and to strive, or is it just as valid to meander along?
  2. Do you think strivers can often have a negative undercurrent to their need to achieve? Or is this not that common?
  3. How do you recognise when your goal setting is coming from a negative place?
  4. And, any tips on how I can find motivation again to try and strive for a new goal that’s truly important to me and not about what other people think?

Given we’re both dedicated strivers, answering the above questions provided Carly and I with the opportunity to do some self-reflection of our own!

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