Let it Be Episode 56 – Why we struggle to give up stuff that doesn’t work for us

I thought Brooke had been a bit slack on the whole ‘providing me with free therapy even though she’s not actually a therapist’ front this year so in this episode, I forced her to counsel me.

We started out talking about the fact that there are things in life we know aren’t working for us – but still we struggle to give those things up. From there, it was a short step to me lamenting the fact that I am a bit addicted to Facebook, despite being very aware of why I go there (and hating myself for it).

If ever you’re tried to give something up and struggled, despite knowing it’s no good for you – you’ll enjoy this episode!

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  1. Seeing as you and I are basically the same person ? I really appreciate all the free counselling. Thanks for today’s session. Instagram is my drug of choice, I’m there for the same reason you are on FB. Validation!
    Cheers Kate

  2. I would put it to you that your addiction or your need for validation is actually your perfectionism. Perfectionism as a negative pattern that tells us we are not good enough that we don’t meet the standards we set. So instead of going on Facebook to make you feel better when your perfectionism is making you feel crappy, your actually going on there to confirm to yourself that your not perfect as in “see I did it again I’m on there again, I’m failing at this again” looking at the crappy feeling and recognising it’s because of this perfectionism thought pattern and nothing else will help you to stop looking for ways to confirm it

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