Thank you so so much!

Hey there superstar – thank you so much for completing my Overwhelm Survey. I have gifts for you!

  • You can download the free printables of my very popular manifestos for mums, dad, kids, parents, living a simple life and living intentionally here.
  • You can download the pdf of my book Your Best Year Ever here. Want to share the pdf with your friends? Go nuts! (That’s Aussie for: ‘Go for it’)
  • And you are also now in the draw to win the nine books that made me a better person.

Stay tuned because at the end of July you’ll be hearing from me with the results of the survey along with the announcement of the winner of the nine books.

Thank you again!

Kelly x

PS: If you’re thinking ‘hey, I like the sound of this whole A Life Less Frantic thing. What’s that all about?’ You can find out more here!