Straight & Curly 80: The hidden load at home

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Given the image for this post is of housework stuff you’re probably thinking, “Housework? That’s not the hidden load at home. It’s a very visible load!” And you’d be right.

You see, you can’t find an image on Shutterstock that accurately sums up all the *thinking* one person in every household (and sorry, it’s generally a female person), does. And that’s the hidden load Carly and I are talking about in this week’s episode of Straight and Curly. The myriad ‘keeping track’ stuff that no one notices gets done. Yet, the mental cost is huge for the person doing it.

We tread carefully in this episode but, in the end, it was hard not to have this conversation without making generalisations. So, while we realise the stuff we talk about this week isn’t a reflection of every household, it’s a reflection of many households. And things need to change.

For a primer on the topic, it’s worth taking a look at this cartoon 🙂

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