About this blog

When I first started this blog I was someone who prided themselves on their ability to squeeze every last drop out of every day.  The problem was, (in the ever-eloquent words of my friend Anna):

Running on a knife edge, where one change in plan will have a domino effect on all the other plans, is no way to live.

Yep, I knew all about that ‘domino effect’. And the relentlessness of that domino effect (back then) was causing me a LOT of stress. Which in turn was triggering anxiety and depression. It was a Very. Bad. Time.

How did I get on top of all this? By ‘embracing the busy by living intentionally.’

And this worked quite well.

But in 2014, I came to realise that perhaps I needed to stop embracing the busy. Perhaps A Life Less Frantic needed to be about actively creating more space in one’s life.

So that’s where I am today.

I’ve learned to set better boundaries (and stick to them).

I’ve learned that I don’t just need physical space to thrive, I need mental space too.

Most importantly, however, I am learning that this quest of mine for a life less frantic will never be ‘finished’.

I’ll always have big goals. I’ll always be highly driven. And there will always be an element of frustration and juggling that goes with balancing those things with the family I adore.

So this blog is far more journey than reward. (But then, the journey is the reward right?!)

If the ideals of A Life Less Frantic appeal to you why not stick around?

I look forward to chatting with you more soon!

And if you want to find out more about me than you’ll ever really need to know, you can click here for more (fellow INFJs, come on over!)