This week in links – perspective

So folks, how has your week been?

Mine’s been better than last week thankfully and just in case I needed some perspective to make myself feel better about life at the moment, there’s plenty of that going round too. Given how often I dare go for walks by myself in broad daylight and given whooping cough had just made a comeback when Mia was born and I was terrified for the first three months of her life, this might actually be the best week ever.

Related: I am currently working on simply being grateful for the good things in my life without any need for reality checks/perspective. The  thought of drawing any comfort at all from the fact that no matter what my problems are there are people in the world suffering more than me? That does not sit well in my gut.

So what have I got for you this week in links (other than the above)

  • Well I really loved this piece from Vegie Smugglers about the way any discussion about food has become very either/or, us/them. Let’s stop doing that shall we?
  • Speaking about discussions around food. I find myself really struggling to figure out just where I stand on Pete Evans. I’m not usually in the habit of relying on other people to tell me how I should think, but there’s a lot in here that resonates.
  • Have you recently found yourself in a bit of a holding pattern with regards to the things you want to achieve from life? (I’d say anyone with kids is probably there!) Then you might like this from Danielle LaPorte on the art of active waiting.
  • Meanwhile, as much as I’d like to end this on a happy note, I feel I have to return to one of the sad stories I’ve linked to above, the murder of 17-year-old Masa Vukotic. Given how many women have died at the hands of men this year, it’s really time to change the dialogue around how these stories are reported don’t you think? Because always focusing on the victims and not the murderers has lead to this.



And yay, it’s Friday so it’s Weekend Rewind time with Bron, Sonia and Sonia.

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Meanwhile, this week’s super cool guest Rewinder is Simone at GreatFun4Kids.

simoneSimone is a Kiwi mum-of-three living in Auckland, New Zealand with her sport-mad British husband, their three quirky Kiwi kids and a female cat called Dave. When she’s not blogging or designing stuff, she likes to throw parties, read endless books, and satisfy her penchant for DIY. (She also has a mad travel itch). Her blog motto is “finding fun on the Rollercoaster of Life – Parties, Ideas and Honesty.” When she grows up she wants to be a writer.