Straight and Curly Ep 37: Budget hacks #2


This is part two in our budgeting hacks series. Last week we didn’t have time to answer the specific budgeting/saving questions the people in our Straight and Curly group on Facebook asked, so that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode.

We cover:

  • How to stick to a budget when you don’t have an Upholder personality type
  • What you should do if you experience a financial windfall
  • How to manage the feast or famine that goes with freelancing/owning your own business
  • Whether having a minimalist mindset helps with the management of finances

Also – keep an ear out in the middle of the podcast where Carly drops two killer quotables and I am clearly concentrating so hard on my notes and ‘what comes next’ that I completely miss just how killer they are! Sorry Carls! I got them on the replay ­čÖé

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