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Hello there!

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting my work.

Like many fellow writers, the work I do here on this site does not contribute much towards my daily living expenses.

But, don’t cry for me. I’m lucky enough to have a business that does pay my bills. I’m not out on the street and starving!

Unfortunately, my business is consuming more and more of my time (and creative energy) these days. Which doesn’t leave a lot in the tank for writing here on my blog, much less writing books.

I’d love to change that, but don’t want to do so via ads, sponsored posts or the like.

I’d rather do it via reader support.

What would that look like? Here are some ideas

If you have cash to throw at me (!!)

My Patreon page shares how you can do so on a monthly basis (along with some rewards for doing so).

You could buy one (or more!) of my books.

Engage me as a speaker.

When I recommend a book in a blog post, if you click through and buy that book on Amazon, I get a little kickback.

If you don’t have spare cash but would still like to support me

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