Reflections at 40 – Stories – 15/40

Telling ourselves we’re ‘great’, or ‘doing a good job’, or daring to articulate the big dreams we have goes against much of our social programming.

Reflections at 40 – Magic Bullets – 11/40

Whenever I’m really struggling, I go searching for magic bullets and secret sauces. I become convinced there’s ‘one thing’ that’s just going to ‘change everything’

Reflections at 40 – Coping – 5/40

Call it ‘diversifying your gold star portfolio’. If you’re performing poorly in one area of your life, no worries, you can ramp up another two. Or ten.

Reflections at 40 – Business – 3/40

Every client had different expectations about speed, quality and price. Instead of ascertaining what those expectations were, I made assumptions instead.

Reflections at 40 – Triathlon – 2/40

Improvement is what drove me. People thought I loved being competitive with others. The reality was, the person I’ve always most loved competing with is myself.

Reflections at 40 – School – 1/40

Remember the episode of The Simpsons where the teachers are on strike and Lisa falls to her knees and begs Marge: ‘Grade me, grade me!’. That was me.